Co-owner, patterner, sewer, social media

Rachel a maker, patterner, designer, and the social media lady. She’s the little sister of the group (to Lacey). She hails from Bismarck, but is making a pit-stop in Moorhead, MN. Hard work and lots of fun keep her going, along with plenty of coffee and snacks.


Co-owner, sewer, designer, online shop manager

Lacey is a designer, sewer, and Etsy shop manager. She’s a coffee lover and shares her life with Jason and their 2 kiddos in Bismarck, ND. She’s full of brilliant ideas, an inspiring amount of gumption and lots love.

PEAR’D is part of our story. And we’re excited to be part of yours!


We design and sew PEAR’D goods, drawing inspiration + functionality from the world around us. We aim to add a little more joy+beauty to the world, and hope that the goods we create do just that in your life.

In the summer of 2013, PEAR’D began by selling at a local farmer’s market (Bismarket). Shortly after, we created an Etsy shop and sold our product in local stores.

Currently, we create 200 miles apart and get together often to conspire and flesh-out new ideas.